The Complete Moving House Checklist for Australia

Issue: Feb 2024

The Complete Moving House Checklist for Australia

It's time for an exciting adventure into a new chapter! Packing up all your belongings and finding a new place to call home is an exhilarating venture. However, with so many details to manage, the process of moving house can quickly become stressful — not to mention expensive — if you’re not fully prepared. But fear not! This comprehensive moving house checklist for Australians has got you covered.

By following this guide, complete with helpful tips and relevant information at each point to streamline your planning, you'll be able to tackle the moving process without breaking a sweat. From deciding what to pack to organising the transfer of utilities, we'll walk you through it all.

So take a deep breath and go carefully through our curated moving house checklist. With this step-by-step plan, you'll be settled in your new Australian home before you know it!

How Much Does It Cost To Move House in Australia?

Business Storage Needs in Sydney Australia

The typical cost for removalists varies across different areas in Australia, starting from $300 and upward of $1,000, depending on the size of your home and how much stuff you need to transport. Costs can also vary based on factors like distance moved and your choice of moving service company.

No matter which city you're moving to, planning ahead and shopping around for reputable yet affordable movers can save you several hundreds of dollars.

How Long Does It Take To Move House in Australia?

For a typical one- to two-bedroom apartment or home, you should plan for the physical moving process to take anywhere from four to eight hours. However, successfully moving house in Australia involves much more than just transporting your belongings from one place to another. With packing, cleaning, administrative tasks, and settling into your new home, you should dedicate at least one to two weeks for the entire moving house process.

The exact duration depends on factors like the amount of stuff you need transported, your choice of moving service, the distance travelled, and how handy you are with DIY packing and cleaning. Regardless of these variables, careful preparation and planning are crucial to keeping your move smooth and hassle-free. That's why having a reliable moving house checklist with week-by-week and month-by-month steps is invaluable. So let's get started!

Complete Moving House Checklist for Australians

Moving and Packing in Sydney with StorHub Self Storage

This complete moving house checklist provides clear, actionable steps for what you need to do before, during, and after your move for smooth sailing during this time.

Before the Move

Packing Up

  • Make an inventory of all belongings in every room
  • Decide what items to keep, sell, donate, or place in storage
  • Purchase necessary packing supplies like bubble wrap, tape, markers, and boxes
  • Pack room by room, starting well in advance
  • Label every box with its contents and destination room in your new home
  • Take apart furniture and oversized items to lighten the moving load
  • Place packed goods to be moved in one area so they're ready to go
  • Contact a self storage company to make arrangements for excess items

Change of Address & Utilities

  • Submit your change of address to the post office
  • Contact your bank, insurance provider, and subscription services to update your details
  • Arrange disconnection and reconnection dates for electricity, gas, and internet
  • Confirm installation appointment times for utilities at the new property
  • Notify friends, family, and relevant businesses of your upcoming change of address

On Move Day

Transport & Arrival

  • Confirm arrival time with the moving company, truck rental, or helpers
  • Supervise the movers with fragile items and box placement
  • Perform walkthrough of empty property and return keys
  • Oversee unloading and room-by-room box placement
  • Offer refreshments and a cash tip to thank the moving team

Essential Tasks

  • Reassemble your beds with bedding first to allow you some rest after a long day
  • Set up bathroom essentials like towels and toilet paper
  • Unpack kitchenware, dishes, and appliances to allow some decent meal-making
  • Have snacks and plenty of hydrating drinks available for those hot dusty days
  • Set up charging stations for phones and devices
  • Unpack first-night clothes and necessities

Handy Reminders

  • Confirm all utilities are connected at your new property
  • Change the home address on your driver's licence, insurance, etc.
  • Forward mail from the old address to your new address
  • Enjoy some takeout dinner — you deserve it after the move!

After the Move

Unpacking & Organisation

  • Unpack room by room over the next 1–2 weeks
  • Assemble all furniture as soon as possible
  • Deep clean the property and disinfect all surfaces
  • Set up a Wi-Fi network and sync your smart devices
  • Confirm your mail forwarding is active with your new post office
  • Unpack and organise all the paperwork and documents into your new home office space

Admin & Lifestyle

  • Update your licence and voting registry with the new address
  • Register your kids in the local school district
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbours (with baked goods for extra points!)
  • Find the nearest and best shops, parks, and amenities
  • Change your doctor and pharmacy information if needed

Final Touches

  • Confirm all your boxes are empty and your storage is sorted
  • Remove all packing material and waste from your home
  • Enjoy a housewarming party once you're settled in!
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And that's our moving house checklist, here to help you smoothly transition to your dream home!

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